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From the company website:

Best Foods Productions has been present in the snacks market since 1996, having over 22 years of experience in this segment.

Best Foods Products

The company has a wide array of products available, from peanuts, snacks to popcorn and tortilla. The most sought of snacks are the ones from the Lotto brand, the classic and the peanut flavors, which are available and can be found in the crates that you order as well through our website.

The following commercial from Youtube is a commercial in which Gheorghe Hagi also appears, the most known soccer player from Romania.

From this brand as mentioned above, there are also chips that can be found. They have a great taste and they are a good alternative if one would like to try another brand as well, as opposed to popular brands.


No matter the taste of type of chips / snacks that you will receive in your crate, I am sure that you will enjoy it and give it a good review, as this brand really deserves it.

Get your first order in and taste the unbelievable.

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