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7DAYS is an international brand, currently marketed in 47 countries, it is a brand that was established by Chipita SA in Greece as a country of origin.

Although these are not of Romanian brand, they are widely spread in this country, and we have adopted it as a popular Romanian brand. We, Romanians, love this brand and we consume it on a daily basis.


Some of the products that you can find in the crates that are sold by this website, are croissants and bake rolls. The croissants are of various flavors, including champagne, chocolate and mix flavor chocolate and vanilla.

Below, you can find a commercial for 7Days croissant.

In regards to Bake Rolls, they are thin slices of bread that are oven baked and they can contain various flavors, for example: Pizza, Chili, Garlic, Salt or Cheese and Spinach, my personal favorite being Salt. Why you might ask ? Simple because it is like eating toasted bread at home and it is a good snack while on the road.

The next clip is made for Bake Rolls Bran, the new addition to the brand.

I am sure that I have made you curious enough about these products.

For example the most sought after croissant from the 7Days brand is the champagne one which for example you cannot find it in London and it has the best taste ever.

Get your first order in and taste the unbelievable.

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